I am a professional wildlife and landscape photographer based near Oswestry on the Welsh Borders. I take the majority of my images North Wales.I like to immerse myself completely into a subject or location as I think this makes for more interesting images.

All my images are of wild animals, there are no images of captive animals on my website as I don't believe in keeping animals locked up, and I strongly oppose any form of blood sports.

In North Wales we have stunning scenery,and Snowdonia not to far away,but also amazing wildlife such as Red Kites, Brown Hares, Dippers and on Anglesey Red Squirrels but I our wildlife is in a precarious state and we all need to do our bit to help our natural environment.

I've always loved wildlife and I guess like a lot of people I was initially inspired by the programmes of David Attenborough and the images of other wildlife photographers such as Andrew Parkinson & Ben Hall.

My images have been printed in magazines, newspapers and used by the National Trust in books, websites and literature. I also regularly display my images in local galleries.

I have been short listed in the British Wildlife Photography Awards and have won a "Highly Commended" award in the R H S photo competition which resulted in one of my images being displayed at the  2015 Chelsea Flower Show.

           I supplied the images that currently on display in the Old Dairy at the National Trusts          Plas Newydd property on Anglesey (as part of the Red Squirrel appeal) and I also took the  images for the "Now and then exhibition" that runs intermittently at the National Trusts Chirk Castle property. 

My images are represented by the Ardea Photographic Stock Agency and by Alamy. 

I hope you enjoy having a look around my website.

Cheers Jake.