Conservation and Charity Partners

Here are some conservation organisations and charities that I support as I believe it's everyone's responsibility to try to do something to help, no matter how daunting it seems. Here are links to main ones that I support plus a little about them in case you want take part too!


Plas Newydd Red Squirrel Appeal

I will donate 25% of the retail price of any Red Squirrel picture to the Plas Newydd Red Squirrel Appeal.


In 2008 six red squirrels were released into the gardens at Plas Newydd - we now have over 100 squirrels that call Plas Newydd home. This year sees the official launch of Plas Newydd's new Red Squirrel Appeal to further improve their habitat and improve these loveable creatures' lives. 

Although the reds are loving life at Plas Newydd there's still plenty that can be done to help their numbers. This year's Red Squirrel Week will also see the official launch of Plas Newydd's new Red Squirrel Appeal.

The Red Squirrel Appeal aims to raise £10,000 to help the team care for the squirrels' habitat by:

  • maintaining and improving nest boxes,
  • replenishing feed and installing new feeding stations
  • creating a new squirrel viewing hide
  • building a 'Squirrel Rope Bridge' across the main road

Squirrel rope bridge

In collaboration with the Anglesey Red Squirrel Trust the team at Plas Newydd are embarking on an ambitious project to build a rope bridge that will spans the busy main road next to Plas Newydd and provide safe passage for the squirrels to and from neighbouring woodland.

Each year tens of red squirrels are killed on the road and the hope is that, as well as saving lives, this will also encourage the squirrels to populate surrounding areas.

For more information click on the link below:-


North Wales Little Tern Group

The North Wales Little Tern Group has been established to help protect the last Little Tern colony in Wales at Gronant, near Prestatyn by recruiting volunteers to assist Denbighshire Countryside Service staff to construct protective fencing, minimise human disturbance through public engagement, scare away predators such as Birds of Prey and constantly monitor the state of the Little Terns.

For more information click on the link below:-