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Terms & conditions


Booking your workshop 

Please contact me 14 days before the date you would like

 your workshop to take place to confirm booking.


Jake Stephen cannot be held responsible for the absence or the

  “no show” of animals or birds, nor bad weather during the workshops.


Changes to the day

Jake Stephen reserve the right to change the details of any Workshop due to unforeseen 

circumstances or events beyond Jake Stephen’s control. Any significant changes 

will be notified in writing.


Special requests

Please advise Jake Stephen at the time of booking of any special requests such as diet

 or physical impairment. Jake Stephen reserves the right to refuse to take a delegate if such

 a special request has not been notified at the time of booking.


Personal injury/risk

Jake Stephen will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items or for any 

personal injury or accident. Delegates are respectfully reminded that our activities could 

potentially entail risk or danger and all activities are ENTERED INTO AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Delegates should ensure the appropriate insurance cover is in place.

The venues and locations for Jake Stephen’s Workshops have no (or limited) medical facilities. 

Therefore please inform us of any health issues and ensure you take your own medication 

with the appropriate insurance in place in case of emergency.

Jake Stephen strongly recommends you make our own insurance arrangements against trip 

cancellation and curtailment, accidental death and disability, emergency medical

 evacuation, medical expenses, loss of personal effects and other loss or injury as per a 

commercially available travel insurance policy.



Cancellation by Jake Stephen

Jake Stephen reserves the right to cancel any Workshop if there are insufficient delegates 

with 14 days notice. In this case a full refund of monies will be paid to the delegate.


Typically our courses run in all weathers and each delegate should ensure that they have the 

correct all weather clothing suitable to the conditions and each delegate is responsible for the    

 well being of their equipment and personal effects.

In the case of trips where we are dependent upon vehicles (land, sea and air) not owned by 

Jake Stephen then any decision regarding transportation is at the behest of the service provider

 and any decision made by them as to the safety of our group is final and indisputable  I will offer an

 alternative workshop nearby is possible. The delegate can choose if they wish to partake, if not, a full refund

 for the Workshop will be given. The service providers decision to is final and indisputable.

If, for whatever reason, Jake Stephen needs to cancel a Workshop, then an alternative date will be 

sought (within 12 months of booking) or full refund of monies paid by you to Jake Stephen will be made. 

However, Jake Stephen accepts no further liability outside of the cost of the course. Any additional costs

incurred outside the cost of the course including but not limited to transportation and accommodation

will not be covered by Jake Stephen.


Cancellation by delegate

If the delegate is a “no show”, then no refund to the delegate is applicable.

Once a booking is made all fees are not refundable under any circumstances.